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Why get a custom built bike?

In short, bikes bought off the shelf are not 'one size fits all' despite the suggestion, plus these are huge investments now.

I feel that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well...

A picture of a road bike against a black background

Why Vélo? Although I’m only a one man band with a small bespoke workshop, I have a great passion for working with bikes. Plus this means that I’m always working closely with you the client and your build. I have worked tirelessly over the years to source out the very best brands and components from around the world. I don’t just builds bikes on mass these are bespoke builds and my love goes into each bike I build. A selection of companies and brands I work closely with can be seen below.


So what defines Custom? A bike designed and built around you and your requirements. For some, this may be a completely custom frame with personalised geometry, or a 'stock' frame covering common sizing. In each case, builds are completed with components unique to them, selected based on the intended use and the preferences of the rider. 


I am here to work with you through the process of imagining, designing and then creating your bike. That all starts with you coming to my bespoke workshop for a consultation. Whether your aim is to enjoy laps in the park, commute in comfort or get something that's extra special. As a cyclist myself I have a love of cycling and getting people on bikes designed with them at the very centre. Get in touch to discuss the options

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