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We work hard to provide all customers with an excellent and exclusive service all at a competitive price. When you're looking for a professional personalised repair solution, trust the team at vélo cycle repairs to look after you and your pride and joy. Take a look at our services to learn more. All our prices are exclusive of parts. We do carry most common parts, but sometimes and especially if it's a specialised part it may have to be ordered in. This can also depend on the model of the bike. Please take this into consideration when contacting and give us a full description of your bike.


Tour de Yorkshire

Safety Check Or Cycle Proficiency Inspection


This is a visual inspection of the bikes, Maybe you've purchased a second hand bike. Your child could be doing their cycle proficiency. If this is the case we

can check the bike give it a once over. We will then advise of any work that might need doing to get your bike in tip top condition for use on the road, trails or gravel paths. Or to get your child through their cycle proficiency.


La Vuelta

Basic Service Or

New Boxed Bike Build

£85.00 (Every 6 months)

Your Little Persons Bike 20″ Wheel or smaller


This is our basic entry level service, it's ideal for a bike that's not been used much lately or been sat in your garage for ages.

This is also the service package we use for building new boxed bikes you've purchased, or if you want to make sure it is safe before taking out on the road.

We inspect the bike give it a once over by wiping it clean, lubricate it & then give it a visual check. ( If we have to take the bike back to the workshop because of heavy or dried on mud it will be given a vélo valet first, at an additional cost of £10. Before were able to start the service)

  • Gears checked & adjusted as needed.

  • Inspect chain wear.

  • Brakes checked.

  • Headset inspected for wear.

  • Wheel bearings checked.

  • Bottom bracket inspected for wear

  • Bolts inspected & tightened including crank bolts.

  • Pedals checked and tightened.

  • Wheels checked for true.

  • Tyres inspected for damage & inflated to the correct pressure.

  • Advice on any further work required.

Giro d'Italia

Full Service

£120.00 (Every 12 months)

This is our number #1 choice for most cyclists, we recommend this service for bikes that are used regularly and usually have 6-8 months between services or an annual service.

  • A full vélo valet clean, we then inspect the bike fully for any problems.

  • Inspect all cables & outers for wear or damage.

  • Check brake fluid levels & bleed.

  • Inspect & tighten headset.

  • Remove, inspect, clean, lubricate & re-fit the front & rear derailleurs.

  • Inspect chainset & cassette for damage & wear. 

  • Gears checked and indexed correctly.

  • Chain inspected for wear & lubricated. (Riders choice of lube)

  • Pedals removed greased and retightened.

  • Seat post removed & lubricated & refitted (unless seized in).

  • Inspect wheels for damage re-true.

  • Inspect tyres for damage & inflated to the correct pressure.

Tour de France

The Pro Service

£180.00 (Recommended for Triathletes, Road Racers and Club Riders)

This is the Pro Service.  As per the Full Service above but the bike is fully stripped down to the frame and re-built.

  • Our top vélo valet ultrasonic clean package

  • Full degrease of all parts, re-grease and lubricate.

  • Inspect all cables & outers for wear or damage.

  • Check brake fluid levels & bleed.

  • Forks removed & headset stripped, bearings cleaned & inspected then re-greased.

  • Remove the front & rear derailleurs, chainset, chain & cassette, inspect for wear, lubricate & re-fit

  • Remove bottom bracket inspect for damage, lubricate & refit the bottom bracket.

  • Gears checked for correct indexing,

  • Chain inspected for wear & lubricated. (with riders choice of lube)

  • Pedals removed re-greased & refitted

  • seat post removed & lubricated (if possible) & refitted.

  • Hubs both stripped down, re-greased and adjusted

  • Wheels inspected for damage & re-true, spokes re-tensioned

  • Tyres inspected for damage & inflated to the correct pressure.

  • Carry out a full inspection of the complete bike for damage, cracks and miss-alignment. including internal endoscope inspection to check for any cracked carbon.

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