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A picture of a bicyle in pieces waiting to be built up resting against a brick wall


At Vélo we also offer a wide range of tune-ups, upgrades & repairs, whether that be a simple puncture repair to creating your DREAM BUILD. Our dedicated workshop allows for you to come sit down with a cycling enthusiast and go through any upgrade, tune-up or repair, bringing a personal approach to getting your bike repaired or upgraded. Check below for our prices. If you are unable to see what you want please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a quote. You can click the book now button that will take you to our online booking service. No need to call it's simple.



Hourly Labour

​This rate is used for bespoke jobs that we haven't listed below. Jobs that we can't put a definitive price on


PDI New Boxed Bike Build

Purchased a new bike and need it assembling including Pre Delivery Inspection


Custom Bike Build

Purchased a new frame and want it custom building to your specifications. No problem we can build it for you


1 HR Consultation
(Inspection & Advise)

We give your bike a full inspection and advise on any Repairs Upgrades, TUNE - UPS that may require


Puncture Repair

Repair puncture includes standard inner tube


Gears Indexed or Tuned

Degrease chain / cassette / chainrings. Replace cables if necessary (cost of cables extra). Lubricate chain and index gears 


Electronic Gear Indexing or Tuning

Indexing of gears


Fit New Chain

Remove old chain. Size new chain to length and fit. Check and adjust gear indexing (cost of chain not included)


Wheel Truing Front

Removal of your wheel and placed in truing stand. Wheel then checked for radial and lateral true. Spokes tensioned and wheel dished. 


Wheel Truing Rear

Removal of your wheel and placed in truing stand. Wheel then checked for radial and lateral true. Spokes tensioned and wheel dished.


Fit New Tyre

(Tyre not included)


Tubeless Setup

This is per wheel & doesn't include tape, sealant or valves. Prices vary on types of products required.


Wheel Hub Service

Price is per wheel. This includes re-grease and adjust. Cup and cone style hubs.

Remove and fit new bearings. Sealed style hubs. (Cost of bearings charged extra)


Gear Cable Replacement

Removal of all old cables replaced with new (Cost of cables extra) cut cables to size and index gears. If this doesn't fix the gear changing it maybe that other parts need replacing and you will be informed


Brake Tuning Service

Check and examine pads / cables / callipers for wear, replace as necessary ( cost of parts extra ) Lubricate pivot points and adjust brakes for optimal performance


Hydraulic Brake Service

Price Per Brake

Check pads for wear and replace as necessary (pads extra). Bleed system with appropriate fluid (included) and set pads/ callipers for optimum performance. Sticking pistons etc. will involve extra work and possibly parts which we can discuss with you at the time.


Headset Replacement

Remove existing headset and replace with new (headset not included)


Headset Service

Removal of forks, degrease and check bearings for wear. Replace as necessary ( cost of bearings extra ) Reassemble headset with new grease and adjust


Fit New Forks

Cut new forks to length and fit to bike


Bottom Bracket Service / Replacement

Service or replace bottom bracket ( bottom bracket not included )


Fit / Replace Handlebar

Removal of brakes and shifters from old bars. Fit onto new bars and set up as per rider. (Bar tape and fitting cost extra if on a road bike)


Fit / Replace Stem

Remove old stem and replace with new ( stem not included )


Fit New Bar Tape

Remove old bar tape clean up bars fit new bar tape as per customers preference. ( Bar tape is extra )

Please feel free to contact me to book your bike in for a service or repair. Also do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about your bike. We're always happy to help.

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