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What is Vélo Valet and Detailing

Vélo Valet is a unique professional mobile cleaning and detailing service for your bike.

Why is this unique, well first things first have you met anybody that gets their bike detailed. Well then you could be one of the first. 

As cyclists ourselves we know the importance of a well maintained and clean bike to ensure everything is working and running correctly. We though have now gone one step further at Vélo Valet

Detailing is usually reserved for those with luxury sports cars. Now we bring this service to you guys with your high end road bikes.

Be the envy of your fellow chaingang or Sunday ride compatriots. Not just turning up with a sparkling machine but one that will perform better too.

Every clean ensures that your drive chain is running smooth and fully re-lubed, with our range of Muc-Off® products.


Check out our packages.

We look forward to giving your bike the treatment it deserves.

Clean and Ride £30

We recommend this for:

The all weather cyclist, the commuter or the weekend warrior

Ideally you should get this done every month to keep your ride in top condition or every 30-50 hours of riding.

  • Wheels removed and frame placed on work stand

  • Wheels washed including tyres and all spokes

  • Cassette degreased and scrubbed clean

  • Framed shampooed and dried

  • Drivetrain fully degreased (including jockey wheels & chain)

  • Crankset scrubbed

  • Derailleurs cleaned

  • Brakes and braking surfaces cleaned

  • Handlebars wiped

  • Underside of saddle cleaned

  • Drive chain lubed with choice of either all weather wet lube or dry lube

  • Pivot points lubricated

  • Tyre pressures checked & inflated

  • Safety critical adjustments only

  • Missing cable ends or bar ends replaced

Full works ultrasonic and Detailing £75


We recommend this for:

VERY heavy users including MTB or Cyclocross riders, riding in all weathers.

Also its perfect for those with a triathlon or sportive looming and want their bike in top condition for race day.

Or If your bike has NEVER been cleaned!!!

ideally do this 3 times a year or as needed

Everything in clean and ride , PLUS:

  • Handlebar grips/bar tape cleaned (If needs replacing £20 fitting plus tape cost)

  • Tyre treads cleaned of all mud & debris.

  • Mudguards cleaned (if fitted)

  • Cassette removed from wheel and cleaned in ultrasonic bath

  • Crankset removed and cleaned in ultrasonic bath

  • Chain removed and cleaned in ultrasonic bath 

  • Missing cable ends or bar ends replaced

  • All accessories cleaned

  • Frame polished to remove fine scratches (gloss only)

  • Paint sealant protection to repel dirt and water (gloss & matte finishes) Thanks to Muc-off products

  • Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer Premium Protectant And Detailing Spray (matte frames)

  • Muc Off Finishing Miracle Shine with Wax Carnauba

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