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Well the simple answer to that is it will save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the lifetime of your drivetrain. AND ITS CLEANER!!

With drivetrains running into hundreds of pounds you don't want these changing every year or two due to a worn chain. When waxing it will prevent this at the outset.

Normal wet lubes just cannot do that!!



We've all had that issue of gears jumping or slipping, and the mechanic has suggested you need a new chain. To which we've all replied " I only had a new one fitted last year "


Well it's highly likely that your previous chain and subsequently this chain has caused excess wear to your cassette and chainrings too. Thus causing the chain to slip and gears to not index correctly. The only solution is to swap all these out for new. This nowadays can cost upwards of £200-300 easily. Plus a chain. We’re talking nearly £400 for something that could have been prevented for under £100

Why does this happen so quickly


Bike chains come packaged in an heavy grease called packing grease, this protects the chain from rusting in the packaging whilst sat on a shelf for years. This grease is no good for your drivetrain and does nothing for your chain whilst on the bike. Dripping a wet lube directly onto that grease has no effect in protection it'll run smooth for a couple of weeks but that's it. This is because lube doesn't coat the chain like a wax, so any grit, water or grime gets transferred by the lubricant thus getting inside the rollers of the chain and wearing them out. Your chain then starts to stretch which in turn wears down the teeth on your cassette and chainrings, causing chain slip and gears jumping.

Simply put its easier and cheaper for a bike shop to just put on a new chain and drip on some wet lube. This isn't the case with Vélo!


This is why you choose vélo from now on

Vélo cares about you and your bike. It's also why I'm always looking for ways to improve the bike shop experience for you the client. I methodically clean the chain, first by removing all factory grease using a proven method we’ve taken from zero friction cycling the!!! Leading source when it comes to testing waxed chains, and products putting them through months of rigorous tests. 


I then fully immerse the chain in a hot wax,  REX black diamond. The hot wax works by sealing the chains rollers preventing ingress. If nothing can get in from the start then no wear will occur to the rollers. 


This wax is the very best on test with over 25,000km recorded on a single chain. Yes you heard that right one chain can last over 25,000km if looked after and re waxed and by following my simple maintenance programme after each ride. Plus the wear on the drivetrain and chainrings was minimal.

Over 1000KM+ On A Single Application

A waxed chain by REX Black Diamond lasts for over 1000+KM before needing re-coating. Zero up keep!!!


Now if you’re thinking all this sounds like too much hard work. Think again, by wiping down your chain post ride with a microfibre cloth and then dripping it with wax it will save your drivetrain and you’ll eliminate that cost of a new chain each year and your cassette, chainrings simply won’t wear out like they do with a wet lube, or a chain bought from your normal bike shop. Plus as an added bonus your chain is squeaky clean and no more messy oily chain to deal with next time you need to remove your wheel.

I offer waxing on Shimano, SRAM and YBN  10x, 11x & 12x.


( Special Offer 15% 0ff if 2 ordered at same time, Thus ensuring you always have one chain to swap out whilst the other is being re-coated )

REX Black Diamond Top Up Liquid Drip Wax to keep your chain running smoother for longer


(I highly recommend this as an add on for your waxed chain)

£10 for a re-wax


Just for reference SILCA offer waxed chains for £199 per chain & Ceramicspeed £140



Still Sceptical Here's A Video & Stats From Zero Friction Cycling

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